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Google Analytics Certification!

Google Analytics Certification!

January 10, 2021 Blog 0

My studies have been great thus far!

However, I must admit that, at times, I’ve been a little nervous, intimidated, and downright confused. It’s okay, though, because once I get back on the right track, I’m so excited to get to the next best thing. I’m eager to understand how to better handle myself in these certain situations.

It’s really good to be right here, right now!

I’ve been soaking in as much information as possible. I’ve been feeling so lucky and grateful to be where I am today. Sometimes, things aren’t always ideal, but, boy! It sure is good to be alive!

I’m so honored to be blessed with such a wonderful opportunity and it just goes to show that when you persevere and refuse to give up on what you believe in that magical things do occur. It’s taken hard work and motivation to complete what has needed to happen. And well, ladies and gentlemen, it has happened.

You are reading about one lady who has been Google Analytics Certified!

That being said, there is always more information to learn. That’s one of the greatest things about life, don’t you think? I mean, no matter how much studying and learning you do, there is always something more that you could do to get more confident, more competent, more efficient. That is exactly what I am going to do. I am going to continue on my merry, little way, learning as much as I can to get better and better about this digital marketing world as I can.

Thanks for listening and here is the image of my beautiful certificate!

I will, of course, do it for you, but I am also doing this for me. This will help every party involved and I, for one, am so honored to be a part of your journey.

Have a beautiful day!

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