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The journey that led me to Digital Marketing!

The journey that led me to Digital Marketing!

December 4, 2020 Blog 0

There has been a lot of life lived in my thirty years. Some of it bad, some of it great, all of it was beneficial to now.

Despite how hard being a human can be at times, I find myself in a moment of awe toward all the beauty that surrounds me. I am married to a wonderful man who loves me deeply and I’m the mother of the coolest little boy that I’ve ever the pleasure of knowing. Somehow, life became enjoyable again. No matter how many times I fell down, flat on my face. No matter how many times I’ve had to start over and try, yet again. No matter what hardships I’ve had to go through to get here, it was all worth it.

I am very grateful for what I understand now and I am very grateful for the people that I surround myself with. It means so much with how crazy this world has seemingly become. Now, there’s this beautiful opportunity presented to me: I get the chance to help others. I received extensive training and I was built with motivation. Let’s create something beautiful together! I believe in us!

My journey to digital marketing has a lot to do with my family, but it also has a lot to do with you. Yes, I want to go into an industry where I can make the reality of us being financially free and, yes, I want us to have more time together because it is so amazing beyond words. But I am also very interested in helping this world become happier, too.
There have been so many things in life that have been uncomfortable for us all, especially with everything that happened this year! It’s been rough for everyone, including me. But if I could just take one thing away that you don’t have to worry about anymore because I was able to provide you a solution, that would be one of the greatest feelings in the world for both of us, alike!


Here is listed some random facts about me, just for fun:

  1. I have six siblings and three parents.
  2. I’m aspiring to be a published fiction author.
  3. I always love helping others.
  4. My favorite color is green because Mother Nature is so happy-making.
  5. I absolutely love learning!!

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